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One password for every system

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In the VA, every employee has access to at least 2 computer systems requiring separate unique passwords that must be changed frequently. These include a general log-on to access a computer terminal, VISTA (where vacation and sick leave must be entered), the Talent Management System (for required training at least annually). Additional systems include the travel management system, CPRS, VINCI, etc. If we could just use a single password for the systems that every employee is required to use, it would help reduce the recurring hassle of recovering passwords and making up new ones. Some folks write them down (although we aren's supposed to) others use the same password system recommended by our administrator (Favorite Sports team@Year) or something similar. It would save labor time (and costs since employees don't work over time) AND make systems more secure if each VA employee used the same password for each 3 month period for at least the basic systems that every employee must use, and preferably for all VA systems for that time period. Giving out tips about how to make a password also reduces the security since we are all using the same formula at our site.

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