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Department of Homeland Security

One Security Clearance to Cover all Agencies

My idea is to have one security clearance, or background check to cover all, or at least most agencies. For example right now a person can already have a Top-Secret clearance with the Department of Defense, and they would have to start a background investigation all over again if they were to apply with another agency, even if it’s only for a Secret clearance. They would have to fill out the same SF-86, the same eQip form, and the investigation might even be done by the same agency (OPM). However, agencies do not accept background investigations that were done for other agencies. It has been estimated that an investigation can cost anywhere between seven and $20 thousand dollars. If a person were to be employed by DHS, then transfer over to DOJ we would waste thousands of dollars getting confirmation of what was already known. At the very least, one should not be required to get a different background investigation within the same agency. For example, if a person were to apply for a job with CBP, ICE, TSA, FEMA and the Secret Service, they would have to get five different background investigations done, even though all the agencies fall under Department of Homeland Security.



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