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One More Day - the 32 Hour Work Week

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Emphasize the option and benefits of working a 32 hour week (4 8-hour days) and cut salary costs by over 20%.


Many employees are unaware they are eligible to work this part-time schedule which would cut salary expenses by over 20% and give employees an extra day off. Permanent part-time employees still maintain almost all benefits and a part-time year is equal to a full-time year when calculating retirement tenure! There are many more benefits to going part-time, too.


This schedule would help attract a more diverse pool of job candidates. Many candidates (especially women) cannot work a full-time schedule due to other responsibilities (child care, elder care, etc.)


Promoting a 4-day work week would also promote sustainable intitiatives like reducing commuting-related emissions and energy demand at work sites.


And this schedule would undoubtedly boost morale, inspiring employees to be more productive at work.


No policies or rules would need to change, and there is no up-front cost. Leadership simply needs to be empowered to educate employees about this terrific and money-saving option.

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