United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

On-line submission of contractor and recipient plans and reports

Objectives of Program Management and Reporting System (PMRS)

• Reduce the cost of submitting, analyzing, and disseminating information on foreign assistance programs

• Improve the quality of information.


Main Features

• Web-based MIS

• Standard reporting formats

• On-line submission of work plans, performance management plans, and progress reports by USAID contractors and recipients

• Accessible to authorized users


How does PMRS reduce cost?

• Facilitates preparation and submittal of plans and reports by contractors and recipients

• Reduces transmission costs

• Reduces need for ad hoc reports

• Reduces time needed for USAID staff to access and analyze information and prepare reports


How does PMRS improve quality?

• Links costs and benefits

• Standardizes language and formats


Expected Impacts:

• Improved understanding of the costs and benefits of USAID programs

• More-informed decision making

• Increased accountability to Congress and the Administration


Annual Savings: $5.5 million

• $ 2.7 million savings in contractor and recipient expenses on information management (assumes: $11.5 billion annual program costs (2010 actual for USAID Global Health and Child Survival, Economic Support Funds, and Development Assistance); contractor/recipient management costs at 12% of program costs (i.e. $1.38 billion or about equal to USAID’s OE); costs of information collection, storage, analysis, and dissemination at 2% of management costs, and 10% savings through PMRS)

• $ 2.8 million savings in USAID staff time for information management (assumes $1.39 billion annual operating expenses (OE, 2010 actual); costs of information at 2% of OE; and 10% savings through PMRS)


Estimated Investment: $5 million

• $ 1 million for development (based on initial work in Egypt and other USAID Missions)

• $ 4 million to deploy system and train staff ($50,000 for up to 80 offices)


Bottom Line: $50 million in net savings over ten years (investment payback one year); improved performance



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