National Archives and Records Administration

On-line Records from the National Archives

The National Archives Records Administration (NARA) recently built an on-line system for electronic records, named Electronic Records Archives (ERA) system. It will eventually have and make accessible to the public to all the important Federal records. Presently there is very few records on the system. This system alone will change the way business will be done at NARA. It will reduce the number of people needed to go and pull records or tapes from the stacks, so that a researcher can review them. We are almost there with the system, but a little more funding, and a better contractor is needed to complete the job. This will save thousands of people from having to physically go to an Archives to review a document. Enough funding should be allocated, so that many of the paper records can also be put in digital form and ingested into the ERA system. It will be a tremendous job to get the present documents into the system and also the ones that are being created presently, but the cost saving will be tremendous. A good program management (PM) team needs to guide the system to the best storage technology, whether a Cloud, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) application, or other technology. This technology will provide additional savings. The ERA program has been put on an accelerated status, but the funding is allocated for operations and very little development. The program was a very successful development which was ended too early. We need complete the job right and the whole Nation and World will reap the benefits.



Idea No. 16231