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Official Portraits

I work in a building with 4 "official portraits" in them. These are of the President, the VIce President, the Secretary, and the Commissioner. Each time anyone in one of these positions changes, a new photograph is taken, the photograph is printed, framed, shipped, hung, and the old photograph is removed, transported and stored or disposed of. This is true of every office building owned or leased by the US government or military. Eliminating "official portraits" in GSA owned or administered buildings alone is likely to save millions of dollars in every administration, regardless of the presidents political party. Estimating that the GSA controls 8600 buildings and each portrait costs 500 dollars (at a minimum) and there are 4 in every building, this would save $2000 x 8600=$17,200,00 million dollars in EVERY administration. Or on a year by year basis, this would save $4,300,00. If we are to add DOD buildings to the mix, the number jumps MUCH higher.



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