Department of Education

Offer Virtual Classrooms for Public Schools

Whenever the Government needs to cut cost it is always the Education system that feels the pinch which impacts schools, teachers, parents and students. Schools are closed, teachers' are dismissed, classes become crowded and students no longer have the attention needed because everyone is cutting corners just to keep the schools running. If Virtual Classes or Classrooms are offered, either from the home or schools, then everyone can win. Teachers can teach from home or from school, students will be able to attend from home or school. Schools will not be over-filled and can actual be there; for students, parents and administration needs.


I am not saying these Classes will replace standard classroom but it would be a great alternative to assist everyone while cutting cost. Even if students just take one class or attended classes online once a week, it will reduce the cost of books, lunches, buses, utilities, staff, etc.


For those students and teachers that do not have computers, then classroom labs will be created at schools.


Why should this concept be limited only to Colleges and Universities?


Everyone can benefit from technology and in this day of age, technology is everywhere. It is best our children learn that computers are not only for surfing the net and games but for learning. This is the world we live in so we need teach by example.



Idea No. 13093