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Department of Homeland Security


CBP currently pays its Officers double pay for its overtime. You can reduce this high cost by moving the current 4 shifts around. First option provides a 2 hour overlap of officers during the busy hours. EX. currently the shifts are 04-12, 08-16, 16-24, 24-08. The only overlap is from 4-8 & 8-12. Change to 00-08, 06-14, 12-20, 18-02. You now have more officers overlapping on each shift without having to pay double for overtime. You can now use OT for unforseen events ie. processing a drug seizure. Option 2 incorporates 2 hours of overtime built in and provides the same overlap between shifts but for 4 hours instead of 2. This schedule will do many things for the agency. With the overlap you are paying 20 officers at the standard rate instead of at double rate. The disliked draft/16 hour shift is eliminated due to officer strength, OT is reserved for seizures, reports, vlc etc., and you have doubled the force with the overlap without doubling the pay. Results are a safer work environment by eliminating a 16 hour fatigue causing shift. Sharp, alert officers on all shifts, no more zombie squad at the front gate of our nation. Reduction in suicide,stress, asleep at the wheel accidents while driving home, lower divorce rate, officer health rate will improve, better quality of life etc... This will also create a work environment consiting of job appreciation, pride, competitive teams, and espirit de corp. By reducing the mandatory OT you create a desire in competitive OT earnings. Ultimately the Agency becomes more appealing resulting in better applicants and a better public image that CBP is doing all they can to make the ports of entry as safe as possible!



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