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Over the past few months, we have been working on becoming more efficient with incoming faxes throughout CBP & Border Patrol. We receive at our port of entry on a daily basis on average 50-100 vehicle export faxes per day, sometimes one fax can include up to 20 pages. Our main focus was on vehicle exports and trying to figure out how to get reduce the receiving so much paper, wasting ink, and phone lines for something that should be in an electronic format. So after doing some research we found a company that the US Government is already partnering with is Goldfax. These Government agencies include the IRS, US Small Business Administration, and US Department of Veteran Affairs. By using the technology, software and hardware with Goldfax, they estimate that CBP and BP alone we could save $89 million dollars over the next 10 years. This process could easily be implemented government wide and save hundreds of millions of dollars. Every CBP Port or Border Patrol station can have multiple numbers, a fax would go to that specific number be routed through Washington, DC and back to that CBP Port or Border Patrol station via electronic file (pdf) into a general email file or specific drive on your network. Also another advantage with this system you can fax a document right from your e-mail using Microsoft Outlook.



1. Increase productivity, automated fax delivery, faxing from desktop.

2. Pays for itself, reduction of paper, toner and telephone costs.

3. Control access, track, archive, retrieve, report all fax documents.

4. Automated, easy to use!

5. Fax from Microsoft Outlook.

6. Government Paperwork Elimination Act, CBP Efficiency Program.


Current Numbers (approx)

Approx $9,397,180.00 (CBP & Border Patrol per year)


New Numbers using Goldfax system (approx)

Approx $423,587.00




Over a 10 year period that is a savings of $89,735,930.00 Million Dollars!

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