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Notice your cafeteria vendor performance not up to par?

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I can only speak for myself, but I have noticed that the onsite cafeteria vendor offerings and staff has declined throughout the year. Granted in my complex, some agencies have scaled back on employees, increased mobile work and alternative work schedules causing the vendor to cutback on costs. Eventually, the vendor will not be able to turn a profit and thus be forced to close their operation all together. My idea would be to eliminate the sole vendor in the complex and invite a mobile cart to park outside the building during lunch hours.



-The complex can pick and choose what carts are allowed to participate in the program. This provides variety and if the vendor is not performing, just cancel their visit and move on to the next one.

-No contract is needed. Mobile cart vendors would be happy to know that population within a general area is available to serve their product

-Generates revenue for small businesses and keeps the profits in the city instead of going to big corporations

-Hardly any square footage is needed. Currently, my complex houses our food vendor and equipment. By eliminating the vendor within the building, this will provide a potential backfill or redesign opportunity for other agencies or the current population (break room,etc...)

-Saves on utilities such as electricity, water, waste removal. This would be provided by the vendor.

-The cart vendor maybe willing to contribute a portion of the profits to either the Employee Association or daycare

- Cart Vendors are required to have health permits and adhere to the same food handling requirements as the cafeteria



-Some security measures would be needed to take in consideration and evaluated

-Sufficient marketing tools would need to be in place to sustain a cart vendor

-Will take time to "audition" a cart vendor to find the right fit

-Damage to surface area parking lots may incur due to the nature of the cart business (grease, tire tracks, etc...)

-Weather conditions

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