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Northern Border Ports of Entry

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I feel there is a lot of money wasted on a Port of Entry (POE) on the Northern Border. For instance in the State of North Dakota there is a POE almost every thirty minutes of driving. A small POE that has less than ten employees and is not open 24 hrs a day is a waste of money, resources, and a security threat. I say that because in a large POE the CBP officers have tools and man power not available in a smaller POE.


I feel that for officer safety closing the smaller POE and having the officers go to a larger POE where they have back up and the tools will be safer for them. Most of the smaller POE are opened for regular everyday traffic of people trying to get to work. Therefore after the morning rush we are paying people GS-12 salary to do nothing more than inspect maybe 2-3 cars an hour after morning traffic. In my opinion any POE that does not have more than ten people, is within one hour of a larger POE, or does not have more than 100-150 cars a day should be closed and the resources can be moved to a larger POE.


Another downfall of smaller POE are the officer do not receive the same experience as an officer at a larger POE. They will not have nearly as many opportunities to process Immigration applications or deportations. Also the employee turn over would lower in my opinion. Very few people are actually excited about working at a POE where they only see a minimal amount of vehicles per hour. CBP officers do not accept that job so they can sit behind a counter wondering if any cars will be coming across that day. Most are hard working people that would rather be at a busy POE where they can actually learn the job.


The money spent on those POE is being wasted and by transferring CBP officers to the next POE would save money. I believe between the money saved for not operating these small POE station and the money earned by moving officers to larger POE would be financially beneficial. Border Patrol is capable of covering that area.

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