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No more sweaters in the summer!

If you check on your closest thermostat in your office, you would find the temperature to be around low 70s. Looking around you would see many of your colleagues wearing knitted sweaters while some even have their personal heaters trying to keep themselves warm, but glancing at the calendar in front of you, you then realize it is actually in the middle of summer!


Simply raising the temperature by 2 to 3 degrees can reduce the energy (and operational cost!) used in turning on heaters and on the air conditioning where most people believe to be too cold. Allowing more air flow through the central unit instead of lowering the temperature can also help in creating a comfortable and productive work environment. In addition, reducing the differences of the temperature between outside the office and within office can help in improving immune systems of workers, decreasing the likelihood of catching cold and flu viruses due to the cold dry air in the office.



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