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No more Unnecessary Travel

The Houston Office of the Office of Natural Resources Revenue has audit teams stationed at all the major oil companies performing audits on their royalty payments. For some reason people from other offices get sent here to conduct audits. Can you tell me how crazy that is. You have people who are there everyday doing the same work and we are paying per diem, hotel, and airplane tickets to for them to come down here and do similar work. Not only that, company personnel gets confused with who they are working with and the employees stationed at the company have to spend time trying to figure out and help the company get unconfused. Those are wages down the drain. The lost time trying to figure out the confusion could be used by those employees to conduct more audits. So we wouldn't need anyone to fly down here. Not only that we could downsize because we wouldn't need so many people employed. You would get more done with less people.



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