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No To Address Service Requested in SSA

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Much of the correspondence sent by Social Security Administration (SSA) to its customers contains a request stating "Address Service Requested." As a result, the USPS post office generates address update forms that note the old address and the new address. They then generate an invoice and bill SSA for this service. However, this feature is NOT useful because SSA is not able to update an address without the social security number. The form only contains the name from the envelope, a picture of the envelope as a well as the old address and the new address. It is essentially a waste of time, money and resources on the SSA and USPS. Each request costs 50 cents. This does not take into account the time taken to generate a bill and collect the fee. Keep in mind that SSA has millions of beneficiaries and representatives. This amounts to a tremendous number of occurrences. In many instances, SSA does not pay USPS. So, this service that is not useful to begin with, costs USPS time and resources for a service that is not even beneficial to SSA. Stopping this feature would cost essentially zero because all it entails is removing the "Address Service Requested" note. The savings relative to the cost of implementation would be very significant in terms of dollars and resources saved.

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