Department of the Treasury

No More Posters!

Every year we getposters with the IRS Mission Statements printed in varying degrees on expensive paper.We also get posters that warn us of differnet violations, survey, EEO, NTEU,and federal benefits. The mission statement isin all our training material and on every IRS publication. The noties are useless since we get e-mail with this information or it is included in our training materials. Althese posters detract from the office and set an atmosphere that is less than professional. There are so many it can look like a building b ombarded with paper grafetti. WE can save money and cut printing cost saving the federal government a lot of money each year. IRS alone has 782 offices nationwide and all obtain the posters. Let us cut cost and save money as well as the enviroment.This suggestion can be used throughout all governemnet agencies. Thank you for allowing me to submit this proposal.



Idea No. 18852