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Executive Office of the President

New Collaborative Federal Employee SAVE Network

We need a SAVE network. We are a complex and diverse set of departments, organizations, agencies, committees, and boards that aren't networked. There is very little transparency into the operations, capabilities, processes, or practices of other government orgs and we assume that our experiences apply across the government.


The SAVE Award buys into the notion of a one-size fits all government and focuses on low hanging fruit instead of the more complex ideas and potential solutions that would result in real savings.


We could replace all the Administration offices created to innovate and instead invest in a governmentwide collaborative network to exchange what works, best practices, and ways to save money, resources, times, and cycle time in our orgs.


Our budgets are regularly cut and frozen. We know how to save. The problem is that we have little to no voice or influence on the Administration's solutions.


For example, do we really need to a to count websites and how they are redirected?


The workforce is critical to working smarter and it's time to empower and give voice to federal career employees. We don't need the public to vote for a single idea but to get involved in improving the services they rely on us for.


What if the Adminstration listened to and engaged its workforce 24/7 and empowered us to save?


There are over 3 million federal employees and most don't have access to the Internet during work hours, aren't allowed to spend time using or to access social media via government networks, don't get to stop to participate in Twitter townmeetings, or have time to post to ideascale. I have to do this after work at home.


We need to provide the federal workplace with the knowledge to better inform our decision-making and the tools to participate in enabling an improved and more efficient government.



Idea No. 16871