Executive Office of the President

Network Printers

As much as it's convenient to have a prointer on ones' desk, it is costly and resource taxing. If all printers were network printers (replacing desktop printers), then taxpayers would not have to spend inordinate amounts of money on purchase of a wide variety of printing supplies (cartridges namely). If all network printers were standard (within a range based on needs) then IT staff would be less taxed to maintain. Maintenance of standard network printers by IT would be much more expedient and effective. If hte variety of prionters were standardized, nad IT could focus better of the standard, with printer technology these days, we could be/would be much more advanced with capability. I've personally seen a variety of printers with only some of their capabilities enabled in the name of time - that is no time to set up and maintain.


The savings could be enormous.



Idea No. 9937