Department of Defense

Navy Energy Efficiency Managers

Lack of a comprehensive unit-level energy education program inhibits a collective application of improved practices and does not encourage innovation from the deck plates on up to work towards newer cost-cutting efficiencies in an increasingly challenging fiscal environment.

Including reportable progress metrics with recognition and rewards for the best quarterly efforts will further incentivize a more robust collateral duty program and open up more opportunities for individuals, commands, and the Navy to excel in the field of energy efficiency.

Creation of a ‘collateral duty’ Energy Manager position (rather than requiring a new billet at a time of reduced manning) for use throughout the Fleet would promote the sustainment of the key energy and resource management process and dramatically improve the sustainability of finite and increasingly expensive resources.

In addition a proposal to field a unit or personal ‘Energy Efficiency’ or ‘Green’ ribbon as an award towards environmental and energy management would highlight the efforts of the personnel who already work tirelessly to promote the improvement of our Navy and ultimately the country.

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