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Social Security Administration

Nationwide Clearinghouse For Validating Benefit/Aid Eligibility

Establish a nationwide electronic clearinghouse for all federal, state and local agencies/authorities to access when determining eligibility requirements prior to initiating, or continuing, benefits or assistance to individuals.


Clearinghouse information will be provided by agencies identified as the sole source of data required for agencies to comply with their policy requirements. Some examples of sole source agencies would be SSA providing Death information and the U.S. States and the Federal Bureau of Prisons providing inmate data.


SSA currently maintains inmate data provided by the U.S. States and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. SSA uses this inmate data for the purpose of determining the eligibility of individuals to receive SSA benefits under the requirements of the Social Security Act.

While it may appear SSA would be a good candidate for becoming the clearinghouse, perhaps a separate entity should be responsible for maintaining such a clearinghouse that the SSA would access and also provide their Death information for other agencies to use.



Idea No. 15122