Executive Office of the President

National Sales Tax - read before dismissing

We’ve all heard the ongoing debate regarding raising taxes and the national deficit. The truth is raising income taxes will not eliminate the national debt. No one wants to pay more taxes but if we need to do it, I would prefer a national sales tax vice income tax (I would prefer to pay a slightly higher tax than lose my job).


A national sales tax would be the only way to get the 20,000,000+ undocumented workers or illegal aliens to pay a portion of their “fair share” for the government services they consume while in the country, as well as for the additional security measures US tax payers have to pay to restrict their access.


No President or Congress has the intestinal fortitude to address this problem so a national sales tax would aid in making the best of bad situation.


A sales tax would also effectively tax drug traffickers, tax cheats, and other revenue producing nefarious activity that plagues our society.



Idea No. 7083