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NMCI and RDT&E computers can be consolidated

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I have 2 computers at my desk which are my NMCI machine and my RDT&E machine and both are unclassified. They can be easily consolidated into me having only 1 computer at my desk. The NMCI seat costs government a lot of money to provide for me and all I use the computer for is e-mail, and it also has a CAC card slot so that I can use it for websites that require a CAC card access. My RDT&E is where I do all my software engineering work. However, if my RDT&E machine were to have a CAC slot (which it would need to access NMCI e-mail) then there wouldn't be a need for the government to pay for the NMCI computer and the NMCI seat. I could do everything from 1 computer (my RDT&E machine). There are a lot of people where I who are in the same situation as me. Please consider consolidating the funcionality of 2 machines into one.

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