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The 131 National Cemteries have very crude maps printed from 83 visitor Kiosks. The maps are very low resolution thermal maps and hard to follow and very hard to ready by any visitors with less than perfect vision.


The maps should be improved using recommendations from experts in "Readability' to design a map that is easy to read for all (even color blind and low vision individuals). As an option the map could be sent to a person's Smart Phone instead of being printed altogether. This would save paper and eyesight (most Smart Phones allow one to zoom) and very high resolution maping could be provided. If GPS is present in the Smart Phone then the system could show the exact position of the gravesite.


As an alternative, if GPS is present and the GPS coordinates for all gravesites have been determined then the Smart Phone could actually act as a compass to point them directly to the gravesite with a simple arrow, and 'Walk in this direction"... even count down the number of steps to the location so older folks could tell if it is too far to walk.


Vistor has very low vision or is completed blind they could get verbal command prompts from their Smart Phone. "Walk forward 20 steps", "Be careful of roadway, curb, change of walking surfaces, etc." and guide them to the headstone/marker. Their own Smart Phone could act as a "Seeing Eye Dog." To guide them. The Historical Imaging project in National Cemetery is storing historical information associated with various burial sites and this information coudl be read off in human voice (synthesized) to vistitors at any headstone/marker reciting the name, rank, honors, and history of any Veteran buried in any National Cemetery. The information could be posted to a system by the general public (approved for publicaiton by VA historians after proofing). Each National Cemetery would truly become an interactive National Shrine.

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