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Two strategies to reduce costs and improve the speed of Government operations to improve efficiency

1. Implement and update Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),including all applicable regulations, to:a) Simplify processes to reduce costs; b)Improve them or adopt new procedures that can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations; c) Identify critical processes; and d) Improve the speed of government operations to achieve better efficiency. NAS Colombia prepared approximately 80 processes with the intent of integrating them, showing the roles of each unit within the organization to work toward the same objectives. During this activity, we recognized ways to improve the probability that established objectives and goals could be achieved as a result of proper planning, organization and management. Currently, we are working to update the SOPs. One of our goals is that the SOPs will be used at other posts.


2.Lead and implement an adequate internal control is one of the best ways to save money and implement the efficiency.

NAS internal audit team in Bogota works daily to identify adequate controls that minimize the risk of fraud or abuse, and to find new ways for cost reduction. We have identified ways to reduce costs and fraud, and increase savings: e.g., we have identified more than $4 million in savings and fraud. Every day, we formulate new ideas to be more efficient in the program.

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