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Mutual Disaster Recovery Backup (MDRB)

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For 2 similar programs in different agencies, let the primary site of one program be the secondary site for the other program, and visa versa. This will reduce or avoid investment and operations & maintenace costs from 4 sites to costs for 2 sites. Each site must be a little more robust, better documented, and scalable in time of disaster to temporarily take on the work load of the other program. Each program will receive the benefit of innovative and more broad and objective analysis and design from its Mutual Disaster Recovery Backup partner. Synergistic effects may result because the two programs with slightly different perspectives are working together. Both programs should benefit at both normal and disaster time conditions. Investment now in MDRB will create jobs to help economic recovery. In the long term, both investment and O&M costs should be less than independent disaster recovery. What is achieved with MDRB may be more secure, and more likely to succeed than attempting to simultaneouly integrate multiple capabilities from more than two program such as with cloud computing. However, the MDRB experience should faciltate more complex integration efforts in the future.

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