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Multiple, unnnecessary accessories for blackberries

In my office, all the attorneys who request a blackberry can get one, which allows us to do our job more effectively.


I have been in our office a little over a year and am on my second blackberry. Along with the new blackberry, which already came with a standard wall charger, I received a separate wall charger and a car charger. Of course, with the first blackberry, I was also given a regular wall charger that came with the phone, an extra wall charger, and a car charger.


With each blackberry, I was also given a headset, in addition to the standard headset that already came with the blackberry. In total, I have four headsets, two car chargers, and a few wall chargers for one blackberry.


Considering that extra wall chargers and headsets cost about $30 each, that is easily two hundred dollars of accessories that go ununsed and are unnecessary. I would guess that everyone who was given a work blackberry probably has quite a few accessories that go unused and should not have been given in the first place.



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