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More TAD / TDY Lodging options near high per diem travel sites.

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There is a glut of foreclosed properties across the US, including in high per diem cities where many DoD, HHS, and other agency personnel travel for training and meetings. The cost of hotel lodging can be quite high.

There is also a high unemployment rate in many US cities.

Establishing a program of "Navy Lodge" type facilities using foreclosed properties, and town houses, could provide employment (maintenance personnel, security, front desk) while saving enormous amounts of costs to the government. Alarm systems, Wi-Fi, kitchen facilities, room safes and other amenities could be provided for each room, enhancing safety and productivity, and avoiding wi-fi and other costs that pad bill of those who stay at, e.g. the Hilton hotels, or $3 water bottles at a Sheraton. Data should exist that show which sites should be the beta-test sites for such a program - e.g. Bay Area, DC, New York. Having such lodging available for a more competitive rate would also stimulate competition, thereby helping to lower the net cost for agencies that are not able to secure a room. An online system should be available to .mil and .gov personnel to make requests for lodging, and there might be tax exemption for those traveling on federal / military orders. In addition, the purchasing of properties would help to stimulate local economies, employment, and decresae the number of foreclosed / short sale properties on the market, thus improving the overall economy. It may be that the first beta-test should focus on longer-term stays, e.g. for those who are moving to an area, or moving away.

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