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More Competition

The government needs to make it easier to compete more contracts. Every day I hear that the Government is required to compete contracts for construction, services, ect. But the requirements to do so are too difficult to follow with the short contracting and award deadlines that we experience. We are more or less required to use 8(A) contactors which is run by the SBA on our projects. The SBA sets rules that necessitate requiring the Government to advertise contracts for 45 days continuously for all projects where we (the base public works department) chooses to competitively award projects. All these requirements and others do is effectively force us (Base Public Works) to go with either sole source 8(A) or non competitive IDIQ on ALL of our projects. These contracts cost an average of 12% more than if they were competed. We award $10M worth of work a year so that's $1.2 Million dollars in savings just for our base. Relax the 8(A) competition requirements! I say it's worth it!



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