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More Commuter Busses

Commuter Busses are a great way to go and come to work! Who really needs to drive to get into DC and congest these streets? Washington/Baltimore has now become the #1 worst traffic in the Nation (according to WTOP Radio--Chris Core). There is no need for all this! The government already subsidizes these busses, but they do not do much to encourage these practices. Each filled Commuter Bus can take off approximately 50 cars on the road. Imagine that...start more service routes, add more times and destinations, get thousands more people taking these busses, and BAM, you have little to no congestion in the DC area.


This will save our environment, save travel time, reduce accidents, lower the need for gas, AND increase worker productivity! How you ask? On these busses, most of the people can fall asleep, which will make them less tired during the work day! Then, at the end of the day, they can take a nice little nap on the bus, so they aren't tired for the rest of the day.


Park & Rides are already free, people just need to start using them! and saving their own money (on gas) and time!



Idea No. 5083