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Monitor vs Paper

This idea is in regards to the Social Security Administration case workers in the field offices. As a case worker I believe that the benefits to getting a second monitor would be advantageous in our “Go Green” initiative by reducing our carbon footprint and increasing the efficiency of production. However, the following are preliminary numbers that I have come up with for our office here in Georgetown.


21 reps each printing 100+ pages per day, 5 days a week (sometimes 6) = 2100 pages/day

5000 sheets per case of paper = every 2.4 days a case of paper is used. 2 cases/ week

• Cost of a case of paper =________

• Cost of toner=________

• Impressions/toner cartridge will give us a better idea of the amount of toner we are using.

• Avg impressions before maintenance and the cost of each service call=________

• Electricity=____(probably not computable until monitors are implemented but still evident)




Cost if new monitor=________


Benefits other than budget savings (ytbd) and environmental awareness:

• Time savings for quicker reference and processing at the front windows.

• More efficient and quicker PE production for CR’s not having to print

• Less physical stress on hands and wrists due to less screen navigating.

• Increased PII security for CR’s not having to leave their desk with claimants waiting to go get printed materials (again documents that don’t have to be printed.)

• Reduced amount of shredding, therefore saving man hours and salary


I understand that there are several extraneous variables that are involved with this process that I am missing (shipping and installing etc..) but I believe this top down perspective can shed light on the possibility that having dual monitors can greatly benefit this agency. I am aware that this is a bare bones analysis and I am a trainee, but with limited accessibility I tried to get something tangible to make a comparison.


Please feel free to respond with any questions or concerns.


PS this was done on my break.

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