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Money for Ideas that Save

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This idea can be used among all federal agencies and provides continued incentive for people to come up with ideas that save the government money.

This idea would reward employees at all levels who come up with an idea that would save the money.

My suggestion is that the employee would receive a monetary reward of 10% up to $1000 for their idea if it is implemented.

The employee would have to come up with idea that would save the government (time, money, resources, etc.). The employee would need to include a workable solution including how much time, money and/or resources would be saved if idea is implemented.

The employee would be doing the majority of the work to identify an area where savings could occur, a solution with numbers backing it up. The agency would be responsible for approving the idea and implementation.

I have seen this idea work within the Air Force finding errors in Technical Orders and rewarding Airman who are proactive. Giving employees a monetary incentive provides initiative to play an important role in their agency while saving the government money well into the future.

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