Department of Commerce

Monetary Incentives & Walking Everyday

I solely believe that re-training the federal employees at the U.S. Dept of Commerce, United States Patent and Trademark Office, will save the employees and the USPTO a minimum of $3.869 million dollars per fiscal year. Not re-training, as in patent related tasks and regulator practices, but rather RE-TRAINING how patent examiners WALK. Let me repeat, examiners will benefit from re-learning how to walk properly due to the many benefits of walking correctly/efficiently. How does re-training how to walk properly (gait analysis) reduce/cut costs? It minimizes the dollar amount spent on healthcare costs for the USPTO examiners. For example, if 6,242 patent examiners started to walk properly and their health conditions started to improve (increased lung capacity, increased running ability, increased oxygen intake, lower BMI, reduction of prostate inflammation, reduced lower back pain, reduced anxiety, reduced overall stress, less fatigue, lower chance of sports-related injuries), it would reduce the number of times that the examiners would need to visit doctors/physical therapists; it would reduce the quantity of prescription medication consumed; improve quality of life; improve job satisfaction; improve examination quality and quantity.



Idea No. 16805