Department of Veterans Affairs

Modification of recording time and attendance

With all the effort used to track, input and send e-mails from payroll; To remind time keepers and their department leadership of deadlines to either certify/post time for employees; it would seem easier to have a tracking/monitoring system to coordinate the collection of data for employee attendance. We currently have been mandated by the homeland security presidential directive (HSPD-12) to standardize the identity badges used to access government facilities. The adoption of this directive's vision was to improve security and to improve procedures; this same card could be used to improve the tracking of time and attendance of federal employees. Currently the card is not only used to verify your identity entering federal facilities; but it is also used to gain access to secured areas, card readers for computer access and etc. So it would only seem logical to utilize the process/card to track attendance. This would save the government hundreds of millions of dollars in actual productivity of employees, timekeepers not having to post time early then if the employee doesn’t show up for duty having to go back to time card corrections. Payroll having to monitor who has certified or not; sending out multiple emails to department requesting certification (courtesy reminders). No matter if this idea is chosen or not this is an issue that must be further investigated, with the sheer numbers of federal employee’s nation/world wide this would be a significant dent in the operating costs for the federal government. Let’s work smart not hard.



Idea No. 14726