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Modernized NOAA Weather Radio

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NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) is the government's primary method of broadcasting pubilc watches and warnings for dangerous weather conditions, potential disasters, etc. NWR is based on an aging and expensive network of transmitters across the U.S, yet only reaches 3-5% of U.S. population due to need for the public to buy specially-built receivers.


Replace the aging NWR network with a modernized online version, which can still transmit EAS codes, warning tones, and important weather information. This would allow NWR to be accessed by PC, smartphone, etc....reaching over 70% of the U.S. population (vs. 3-5% for current NWR), save the government the costs of maintaining and upgrading the current network, expand reach to 100% of the country (vs. 90-95% currently), save the public money (by not having to purchase a special receiver & batteries), and potentially save more lives by getting critical watch and warning information to a greater segment of the U.S. population.


This idea meets both critical parts of the National Weather Service mission...protecting life and property, and enhancing the national economy.


The Internet remains the present and future, and NWR needs to get on board to remain a viable tool for the protection of life and property from deadly weather and other hazards. This idea would transform NWR from a minimally used, expensive-to-maintain a minimal-cost tool accessible to a much greater percentage of the population.

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