Social Security Administration

Mobile Computing system to eliminate duplicate workstations

Moblile computing systems such as laptops with docking stations will elimate the need to purch a desktop puter and a laptop computer for emplyees; particularly employees who have to use laptops to support teleworking.


What is a Laptop Docking Station -

It's simply a piece of hardware that stays on your desk while you travel with your laptop. When you return, you can pop your laptop back into your docking station and at the same time connect all the devices that you need to use, since they are already connected to the docking station.


Here are some benefits:

•you'll save time: you're able to take the laptop out or pop it back in without disconnecting or re-connecting all devices

•you'll gain usability: you're able to connect devices that your laptop cannot like a flat panel monitor, CD-RW, digital camera or a handheld

•you'll add comfort: you're able to connect a larger monitor, regular keyboard, and a regular mouse.


Portability Between Home and Office

• If you work at home and at an office, a docking station can ease the transition between the two. Set up a docking station in your office and connect it to the devices you normally use. When you arrive at work, simply plug your laptop into the docking station. This eliminates the need to connect each device individually.


The elimination of desktop computers may significately reduce the need for IT technicians.

More employees may telework thus reducing the need to maintain exstaneous desks. The will result in less overhead related to the normal brick and mortar model.

Using laptops weith docking stations will make it possible for government emplyees to remain productive in incidences of inclamate weather or natural dissasters.



Idea No. 3707