Department of the Treasury

Mitigate Health Insurance Fraud by Requiring Photo on ID Card

Widespread medical insurance fraud negatively impacts the price of medical insurance for both federal employers and employees, and taxpayers in general.


One of the most pervasive forms of fraud is identity fraud; either with or without the permission of the medical plan holder. Very few health care providers ask for photo ID prior to treatment. There are more or less no controls in place to police this, which creates a wide window for abuse.


Legislation requiring healthcare providers to issue medical insurance cards with photographs would virtually eliminate this form of fraud, especially when you roll in Medicare and Medicaid. Now we are talkin’ big bucks in savings for very little cost to the insurance providers and very little burden on the card holders.


The only individuals who would oppose this idea are special interests, lobbyists and those abusing the system. It’s a no brainer.

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