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Mine Inspection E-Reports

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Currently, every mine inspection has a paper copy prepared that includes notes, photos, citations, health notes, and various attachments. These components are all electronically generated except for the notes and health notes. The notes and health notes could be scanned into a PDF format and all other components added to the file. This would save hours per inspection as well as copying, filing, mailing, and lost materials. Since reports are compiled by GS 9-12 employees, several hours per report could be saved by consolidation and elimination of burdensome report construction. I estimate that over 20,000 reports are created each year with file cabinets filled by these reports. Notes could be stored locally and never get lost if needed for court procedures. If each report saved 2 hours, that would generate 20 man-years of savings beside the shipping and storage savings. All reports could be sent via the Internet with instantaneous access available for all required parties.

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