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Department of Homeland Security

Military leave

I believe the U.S. government could save a lot of money by allowing active duty to sell their earned leave as much as they wish without waiting for reenlistment or separation. There is currently a 60 day cap on leave one is allowed to sell throughout their career. I believe with little effort, as far as details and implementation is concerned, (ie.. so many times a year, minimum number of days allowed to sell at once) this could save the Department thousands of dollars a month for every month sold. Every 30 days I sell, for example, I would receive $2800.50, versus $4,047.30, because I am forfeiting my BAH, ENL BAS, and clothing STD. This would also help members with financial issues that arise instead of having to go through the CGMA or other conventional methods of receiving loans; they could sell their leave and not induce another monthly payment increasing the financial hardship even further. As mentioned earlier with a little effort this could be a very feasible task.



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