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Military Health Care Contribution

Currently, active duty members receive 100% free health care and only pay a small amount for dependent/family coverage.


I propose that all military members (USA/USN/USMC/USAF/USCG) contribute between $960 to $2400 per year towards their own health care coverage, scaled so that junior members pay the least ($80 per month) and senior members pay the most ($200 per month).


With nearly 1.2 million active duty members, an average contribution of just $1,000 per person would generate roughly $1.2 billion a year in savings.


That may not seem like much to the total U.S. debt, but $1.2B is approx. 15% of the entire U.S. Coast Guard budget.


A small contribution from each member would add up to a significant amount of savings for the federal government, and in no way would this impact retiree or wounded veteran coverage.



Idea No. 14210