Department of Defense

Microsoft Windows? Why Not Linux!?

We have a multi-million, possibly multi-billion dollar contract with Microsoft for the Windows operating system, Office programs and Server software. If we were to switch to Linux based operating systems, software packages and servers (Ubuntu, Mac Lion, Libre Office, etc.) we would instantly save those millions/billions in software licensing costs. In addition to the software being free and open source, it would be more secure because Linux has fewer than 1% of vulnerabilities and malicious code than Windows does. For those worried about the useability of switching to a new environment for computing there are several tools and distributions designed explicitly to make this a simple process. With greater security, network security and flexibility, this switch would also reduce the need for such large Communications Squadrons. The expandability of these open source operating systems would make deployment of the new software a simple and quick process. With the recent moves to mostly web-based systems such as ADLS, there is little to no reason for the Department of Defense to maintain Windows based systems any longer.

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