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Microsoft = Money

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In today’s’ world everyone searches for data. Everyone has a laptop, not a desktop… an iphone, blackberry, or android phone, and everyone loves a simple conservative interface. Our dependency on Microsoft products offers no fiscal reward regarding cost, productivity, training, maintenance and growth.

The data our federal government warehouses in contracted networks is ridiculously hard to navigate. I spend more time at work trying to get to my data than I do actually manipulating it. This is not something new. As a communicator with close to 19 years of service I have installed and used military and federal government network services all over the world.

Plainly put, you are not getting enough bang for your buck.

People create and manipulate data.

People share data.

People collaborate.

The environment that Microsoft creates and the resources that are “approved” for our use are counterproductive and cost Americans far too much. Factor in efficiency of resources, training and certification programs, motivation to learn and become more efficient, ease of function, etc…

There are a number of cloud-style resources being offered to small-medium- large business’ everywhere. Google’s Apps for Business being one. Their model is brilliant and it works.

Shifting the workforce culture from Microsoft will take more than a desire, but whomever you commission to look into the advantages of change… they should be free thinkers and problem solvers… not Microsoft fan boys.

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