Department of Veterans Affairs

Merge VA into DOD

Eliminate the VA as a separate entity, by rolling the Dept. of Veterans Affairs into the DOD, to provide care for all active duty forces, their families and Veterans.


Cost reductions include eliminating redundant department and services. Eliminating the VA central office in Washington DC.


Lower costs of supplies and pharmaceuticals due to the combined purchasing power of the VA and DOD.


Improved inefficiencies in the care of Veterans by eliminating the awkward transition from the DOD system to the VA. The merged DOD/VA would be responsible for providing care for our Veterans from active duty to grave, at a national cemetery.


VA medical facilities could provide care for armed forces members and their families under Tricare, providing more locations for them to access their health care. One of the reasons that returning Veterans state why they are not using VA for their care is due to the desire to receive their care where their families go. VA needs to change and welcome not only these Veterans, but their families as well.


This would help solve the dilemma regarding the future downsizing of the VA, as documented by the CARES Commission, due to the loss of large numbers of WWII, Korean and Vietnam Veterans in the near future.


This could exist as a component of any future national single payer health care system.

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