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Medicare/Medicad cost awareness leads to savings

I suggest sending a copy of the Medicare/Medicaid bill to each recipient, either monthly or per incident. The benefits are in three areas:


- greater support for the program because recipients would be aware of their benefits


- cost containment: recipients are more likely to manage costs, avoid unnecessary and costly procedures and react to overcharges and outright fraud if they are aware of the ongoing expenses


- fraud prevention: the government could investigate when patient bills are returned due to invalid address, and recipients could report bogus charges on their bills


The third element of the program could be enhanced by adding a 10% whistleblower/finder fee for detecting fraud in Medicare/Medicaid billing. This would be a great motivator to the public to keep tabs on the fraud, which amounts to multiple billions of dollars. Increased fraud prevention would pay for the cost of the program.


The bills could be sent on paper or via email to those who can receive it. I expect that a large and growing number of recipients would be able to receive email, minimizing the cost and complexity of the program.

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