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Medical Payments v.s. Commissary Spending

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FBOP houses a total of 177,187 inmates in facilities in a CAMP, LOW, MEDIUM or USP. Of the 177,187 inmates, 4,583 are housed at FCI Fort Dix. Inmates at FCI Fort Dix spent nearly $8,000,000 in commissary last year. Inmate co-pays are remarkably low with respect to the state prison systems. The inmate is not paying for food, electric, water, gas or cable (yes may be BASIC but its still CABLE). Inmates spent $8,000,000 in commissary, yet the $10,000 mark was barely broken with regard to copay's made by the inmate for medical services due to a standard copay of $2 for sick call visits. The inmates do not have to pay for Chronic Care visits nor do they have to pay for consults with specialists. If an inmate needs surgery, the same paying citizens that they have wronged are paying for that surgery. A way to save money, my suggestion is to have inmates function as a contributing citizen and have copays associated with medical care. This would also provide the inmate with a responsibility that would help them with financial management once released.

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