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Thanks to BRAC, many installations have been shut down or dropped to clinics. With no ER or acute services, many bases have contracted with local hospitals to offer care. Some even have contracts for military surgeons to do surgeries in the civilian hospital because there are no places left for the military surgeon to practice and they need to take care of their patients. These contracts have been designed that some military installations have access to the civilian ER medical records, Xrays, Labs and other items. However, only a few actually have this ability. If facilities are sending the majority of their patients to off base facilities, than the PCM/MTF needs access (online 24/7) to the records for that patient. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on sending faxes to request records and then waiting for it to be faxed back. The average ER report is 14 pages long. On a given day, over 20 different people go to the ER and need follow up care. Imagine if all of these items were online and available for us without using the fax machine or paper? We could handle the follow up more accurately and more efficiently without waiting on delayed responses, wasting money on ink/paper and ensure the patient is being taken care of in a timely manner.

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