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Social Security Administration

Medicaid/Medicare, Welfare, SSA dependents

Any dependents over 18 years of age relying on financial assistance & medical necessities from Social Security Administration, Medicare/Medicaid, Welfare agencies shall receive incentives to work, without worrying about penalties/restrictions of any kinds of assistance may impose on them – except for fraud and/or abuses.


Do not penalize them for trying to find additional source of income to support their needs/goals.


There is a person I know who relies on financial assistance & medical necessity received verbal warning directions not to seek additional source of income; otherwise, he/she will lose his/her dire dependency. That is downright WRONG.


We need to be proactive with government agencies, insurance companies, and/or private sectors to find ways to employee dependents, giving them hope to achieve their goal: Self-reliance, not dependency upon others for assistance.


Combine computer systems from Medicare/Medicaid, SSA, Welfare, and IRS agencies into a whole redundant computer system, to weed out fraud and abuses. They need to combine to see a common goal: reduce dependency and increase self-reliance (self-worth) of individuals.



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