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Max 1 term for Congress

Our Congress should act for our best interests in the long-term. Because they are worried about being re-elected (short-term thinking), I feel they are distracted/conflicted in setting the best policies for the future of our country. I suggest we take this distraction/conflict away by allowing only one term to be served. We can extend the length of the one term (perhaps 5 years) to add more continuity, but this would not be a requirement. I feel that even if someone doesn’t believe the same way as I do, as long as he/she has beliefs that he/she can stand behind on untainted merit we are more likely to understand each other’s view and find a suitable compromise. Taking away the conflicting influence of re-election would persuade me that their beliefs are more a function of their self pride than following what is needed for re-election. Perhaps we can create more leaders instead of figureheads waiting to jump on the next wagon to re-election. This would also allow for more citizens to participate in improving our country (more participants in Congress). In addition, each person elected to Congress could be more motivated to move forward with a plan knowing that they only have a set limit of time with no chance of re-election. My hope is more would be accomplished while considering our best long-term interests.



Idea No. 5826