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Mandatory Electronic Travel Records for all Government Travel

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Eliminate billions of paper files by making it mandatory for all government agency workers using the “GovTrip” travel program to upload all documents as PDFs onto the server, thereby creating a single source for all government travel documents.


PROBLEM: Our administrative personnel require us to hand-deliver manila files with printed out documents for ALL travel. This requires preparers to print out all electronic files, emails, and PDFs, all so that an administrator has a handy paper file on their desk. This wastes billions of dollars in paper/ trees and is totally unnecessary. These files often have to be walked back and forth, sometimes for miles, in large government agencies, to expedite paperwork . This frequently happens - even when one line of type has to be modified. These files are being physically transported back and forth, day after day, hour after hour, millions of person-hours are wasted physically transporting these files, replacing pieces of paper, walking these to the next “routing slip” destination. This absurdity translates into millions of dollars of waste per year. The central electronic repository (GovTrip) will save millions of dollars in storage space by eliminating millions of paper copies. A single, original hard copy should be kept off site in the National Archives. Unfortunately, there is no policy which REQUIRES that all administrators use electronic files for GovTrip. This policy, which would cost nothing ($0) to implement, would save the government trillions of dollars over time.


SOLUTION: All of these documents should immediately be required to be uploaded to the existing GovTrip site in the area called: “Receipts” by the person who is the Preparer. This technology already exists, and is already in use for sharing PDFs. With all of the electronic files in one easy-to-access, online location, ALL administrators can approve these files WITHOUT the need to have the physical paperwork on their own personal desk.

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