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Mandatory DRMO use

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The Gov., DoD in particular has a DRMO system for liquidating or reassigning used equipment. Although the idea is good, I have noticed that the DRMO is often ignored by the DoD agencies when it comes time to acquire equipment. For one example, my base waited 2+ years & spent @ $600K to acquire a new crane. My base is @ 40 mi. from a DRMO through which at least 6 apparently useable cranes went to sale by DRMO in that time. This base refused to even look at the cranes already owned by DoD. The end result is that the base acquired a crane that is not roadable (Max. speed, 30 MPH), & when loaded on a trailer, won't fit under the bridge at the No. base access Rd. Now off-base aircraft crashes become a logistics challenge. This fiscal quagmire was preventable & @ $600K saved by forcing DoD agencies to utilize what we already own unless it is no longer servicable or repairable. Here's how it would work: A PR is put in for a new crane (for example), The DRMO's are checked worldwide against that request & a list of available equip. is sent to the requestor, repeating monthly for a year until the need is filled. It would be up to the DRMO or base holding a possible useable crane to either certify it as "useable" or have it decertified as "scrap value only". The cost of a repair and certification on a piece of equipment like this is often far less that replacing one. While the base waited, several plane crashes required renting cranes for 10's of thousands of dollars. A number of mission failures were caused by the delays waiting for rental cranes. The base ended up with a new one logistically unsuited to the job at hand. When the org. wanted to return this crane to get a roadable crane instead, it is reported that they were told essentially "what you got is what you get", making this a lose/lose/lose situation. The org. lost out, the taxpayer lost out and will continue to do so every time this crane has to be loaded and hauled, & the mission lost out.

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