Department of Defense

Mandatory 4 day work weeks across Federal Offices

Many federal employees routinely work more than eight hours per day. Within the Department of Defense, I know more who routinely work greater than 10 hours per day than not. If the entire federal government were to move to a four-day workweek, ten-hour days, or the option for some of working four, eight-hour days with reduced pay, we could save countless dollars and reduce our energy footprint. In major metropolitan areas like DC, by reducing traffic one day per week, we would also save taxpayers out-of-pocket expenses by reducing fuel consumption and improve everyone’s quality of life by reducing time spent commuting each week. It would also create a shift in rush hour because those who are not federal employees would enjoy reduced congestion during typical rush hour because the federal employees would be staggered two hours later into the commute cycle. Finally, some offices such as social security and others providing direct services to citizens would be able to offer extended service hours, which would also improve their ability to provide customer service to those who routinely have difficulty reaching them during normal business hours.



Idea No. 63