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Department of Defense

Mandate leave without pay for one pay period per fiscal year

Mandate all federal employees take two weeks leave without pay (1 Pay Period) during the fiscal year. All employee benefits would remain intact (contribute for 25 pay periods vice 26), however this, coupled with the pay freeze, would be a tremendous savings to the United States Government. In addition, each government employee would contribute and be accountable to helping with managing the budget. If the taxpayers expect the government to do a good job balancing the budget, then each federal employee should tighten their own belt and show that they can balance their own personal budget with less while showing their commitment to the overall goal of strengthening the United States Government and the country as a whole. There is an estimated 2.5 Million Federal Employees making an average annual income of $70,000 per year, which would equate to over $6.7 BILLION in savings.


Average Pay Period = $2,692 ($70,000 divided by 26 pay periods).


Total saving per fiscal year = $6,730,000,000 (2.5 Million Employees multiplied by $2,692).


Over a ten year period, this would equate to over $67.3 Billion Dollars!



Idea No. 4828